full name davina athena shapiro comicverse donna troy birthdate april 1st, 1990 hometown irakliona air station, crete current residence boston, masachusetts education syracuse university occupation photojournalist marital status unavailable
   The youngest daughter of US Air Force Colonel Candace Shapiro and archaeologist Steven Shapiro, Davina Athena Shapiro's birth on April 1, 1990 was one of the last big milestones that the Shapiros would enjoy during their time in Crete. Candy had worked a successful tour on the Greek island where she would meet her husband Steven, but she was subsequently transferred to the Hanscom Air Force Base in Concord, Massachusetts after Davina's arrival. It seemed like good timing and the perfect relocation since Steven was a Boston native with family and support all around the city.

   Moving to the Boston area provided little culture shock to the Shapiro girls because they were always busy. Candace and Steven lived an active lifestyle that they transferred to their daughters. While all of them excelled at any sport you put them in, Davina had a natural talent for gymnastics and impressed her coaches so much that there were talks of sending her away to train for the Olympics. While the prestige and attention she recieved made her mother proud, Davina felt jaded about chasing gold medals. Davina's father was encouraging her to continue her interest in photography, which was something so challenging and alluring to her because it didn't come easy.

   Staving off any plans to go national with gymnastics had left things awkward between Davina and her mother, but there was no doubt that the time and care she took into her photography studies was paying off. By the time she was eighteen, Davina had an impressive portfolio that gained her admittance into Syracuse University's esteemed Newhouse School. She majored in Photography and used her study abroad time in Scotland to continue capturing iconic landmarks and intimate moments. She finished her collegiate career as the Hearst Journalism Award Winner for Photography in 2012.

   During her time at Syracuse, Davina had fostered an interest in world affairs and picked up Political Science as a Minor in her studies. After graduating, she would spend her summers in various places of conflict in hopes of narrating the stories of the people living it. Despite being so young and balking at her mentor's advice to attain her Master's degree, Davina made a name for herself for the work she did in Egypt and Greece. The last assignment she was on in the summer of 2015 took her to the Middle East with her journalist boyfriend Aaron Long and longtime mentor Rhea Sullivan. In hopes of picking up a lead to get into the heart of Syria, veterans Aaron and Rhea left with a supposed "Syrian Guide" without Davina. Devastated after two weeks with no news, Davina was forced to return to the States. Her partners are currently presumed dead.

   Returning back to Boston provided a shock to Davina that she wasn't expecting. Life continues, people remain jovial and she was charged with the difficult task to move on. Perhaps it is survivor's guilt and the constant replay of "What-Ifs" that have caused a shift in Davina's demeanor and behavior. While she has managed to keep a roof over her head despite suffering PTSD and Insomnia, there is no denying that Davina can be a hot mess on some of her best days. After a talk with her oldest sister Dee, she clings onto the advice of taking life "one day at a time."
donna troy
Donna Troy, alias Wonder Girl was created to be a playmate for the young Wonder Woman by the sorceress Magala, who used a magical mirror to create a duplicate of Diana, though with her own personality. She was abducted by Dark Angel (who mistook her for the real Diana) who cursed her to experience a cycle of countless tragic lives, given the name Donna Troy as a cruel joke to her origins. But it would not be until the intervention of Wonder Woman, Hippolyta, and the Flash years later that she would learn this.

In one of the lives she ended up living, Donna was orphaned by her birth mother Dorothy Hinckley, a dying unwed teen who had given her up for adoption. After Donna's adoptive father Carl Stacey was killed in a work-related accident, her adoptive mother Fay Stacey gave her up for adoption again, unable to raise the toddler because of mounting expenses. Donna remembers being rescued from a fire by the goddess Rhea who, being one of the mythological Titans, brought her to New Chronus and raised her as one of twelve Titan Seeds, orphans from various planets who would have died if Rhea had not saved them. Each one was given the name of a place that worshiped the Titans, and Donna was given the last name of Troy in homage to the ancient city. She was returned to Earth at age thirteen, where her memories of New Chronus were erased until such a time that she would return and take her place among the Seeds as gods.

When Donna experienced having superhuman powers and abilities, she adopted the identity of Wonder Girl. Donna became one of the founding members of the Teen Titans, even suggesting the name of the group from a residual memory. She later returned to New Chronus and from that point on adopted the new identity of Troia. Read More from DC Wikia.
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trivia ⚪ Currently works as a Freelance Photojournalist.

⚪ Hearst Journalism Award Winner (Photojournalism) in 2012.

⚪ Volunteers as an Assistant Coach at Cambridge Gymnastics on the weekend.

⚪ Diagnosed with PTSD and Insomnia after returning from Syria in September 2015.

⚪ Is a world traveler and polyglot (fluent in English, Spanish, French & Greek).

⚪ Visits her birthplace Crete as much as she can. Often accompanies Dee on these trips.

⚪ Politically active as a registered Independent. Though, she's consistently voted Democrat since 2008.

⚪ Huge lover of the arts. She spends much of her free time at local bookstores and getting lost in museums.
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